YouTube Member1967sander has enhanced some NASA footage to reveal some amazing UFOs. This time its MIR video that is enhanced with some new software.

Sander said this in the description:
Here is another video of the Russian spacestation MIR, which is swarmed by UFO.
On the original footage a lot of UFO remained invisible because of the artificially added gamma. I digitally removed the gamma and also deflickered, denoised, deblocked and stabilized the video. Now you can see the video as how it must have looked like before they manipulated the material.

Notice the small bright blinking UFO at 06:36 coming from above, which slowly moves down towards the MIR. It makes a perfect 90 degrees turn and than it moves to the right side of the screen. Now .. can a satellite, space-debris or an iceparticle do such thing? Some UFO appear right out of nothing. As if they transformed from undetectable to detectable or as some scientists believe from a high energy form into solid state.

How many UFO do you count? 1,2,3,5,10, ... ? It is pretty busy up there. Some of these UFO appear to be only a few metres from the station. They move in front of the station, behind the station, cross between the solarpanels and they change their speed.
You literally can see them accelerating or slowing-down.

If this would be dangerous debris passing by ... trust me ... hell would break loose.