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Thread: Flying Black Triangles Sightings Recently In Detroit, Michigan as well as Other Places

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    Re: Flying Black Triangles Sightings Recently In Detroit, Michigan as well as Other Places

    Magnetic Field Disruptor ?????

    Any more comments on what GMan has said above?

    These were some of the comments " obscured" by Mikados actions on the Hut.... He replaced conversations like this.... with a distinct agenda of his own.....But we are back to the subject, which I think is proving to be important.

    Thanks everybody for any input on what this Rumbling might be and any information that you find interesting about these massive black triangles. Linda

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    Re: Flying Black Triangles Sightings Recently In Detroit, Michigan as well as Other Places

    And its interesting that GMan would mention " Plasma Technology" Because there has been an extremely important paper recently released about something that is being developed in a University.... Very much like " ball lightning".... which we were all told to pay attention to.... so this is a major improvement in our knowledge of the things that Dad wrote so much about......Its encouraging to see that the Universities are catching up.

    More on this later.........Linda

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    Re: Flying Black Triangles Sightings Recently In Detroit, Michigan as well as Other Places

    Something else GMan mentioned

    "by G-Man » Tue Apr 16, 2013 7:53 am

    Black triangles are a large part of Ed Fouché's testimony. I recall that one of my opening posts at the Hut was related to this topic - more so to the technology described therein.

    If they are one and the same then they are home-baked and have been spotted all over the world; Manchester UK, Holland, various US sightings including the Illinois sightings, which a TV production team recreated in CGI from the testimony of numerous witnesses including several police officers. Those of you without hamster-wheel powered internet should be able to locate the program on Youtube. The CGI recreation of the machine is shown in one section at a distance of about 100 yards from the police car and at a height of about 50 feet. It is utterly silent. It briefly crawls along like a ship to wharf before accelerating out of shot at a breathtaking rate

    "Home baked?" I think so.... advanced and hidden from the rest of us? Yes... some of them.... but I am convinced that there is a whole class of these machines that can do more than just manifest themselves strangely in our dimension. I believe that there are SOME that can "pop in" and "pop out" of this time line and into another. And THIS is the technology that is being protected and obscured.

    Just this one womans opinion.

    Linda Brown

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    Re: Flying Black Triangles Sightings Recently In Detroit, Michigan as well as Other Places

    This is something I recently posted on the cosmic-token.com

    I would love to see further conversations.

    Wierd how he so particularly mentions the plasma balls of light too.... which seems to be an accompanying conversation.

    One of Fouches quotes was that these balls of light seemed to be drawn to things that " went fast" so supersecret superfast aircraft would sure fit the bill.

    Anybody else have opinions on Fouches words or reputation ? I have just gotten started " doing my homework" so I am sure that there is a whole lot to count ( and maybe discount!) Linda

    by Linda Brown » Mon Apr 22, 2013 4:17 am

    I guess that I have been living under a rock here in the desert. I had heard Fouches name just in passing and hadn't invested any time at all in his direction.

    I have just read a paper that he presented at the UFO convention in Laughlin , Nevada several years ago. If you are interested in the black triangle please read his presentation here....

    Secret Government Technology by Edgar Rothschild Fouche’

    Many of the other Google hits seem to want to link him with hoaxes and liars.... BUT so far.... my first impression ( from what I have read here) is that the man is telling the truth.

    What is your initial impression after reading the above?


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