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Thread: Object filmed in night-vision and night-shot

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    Object filmed in night-vision and night-shot

    A night-vision of a UFO:

    "...it is as impossible to confirm UFOs in the present as it will be to deny them in the future." ~Dr. Wernher von Braun

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    Re: Object filmed in night-vision and night-shot

    Hello UFO Hunter

    I still have hampsters running my computer so I can not see the Utube that you have posted here however I have heard about this event.

    Who else is following up on this sighting? Are you involved with the MUFON network or do you have your own sources to follow up on the research?

    I have been told that there were two lights involved... the one in the lead larger than the other. What was happening here? Have you figured that yet? It was suggested to me that the second one might have been an airforce jet " shadowing" the object. Is that what it looks like to you?

    Have you had a chance to check with the local Air Force Base or are you getting a stone wall?

    You have been busy. Great reading. Congratulations. Linda

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