Thank you very much Jesse for speaking out right up until the end.

Here is the latest visit Jesse had taken to the Roswell 1947 crash site, where he shared his account. It is a emotional visit to his childhood home where he witnessed the UFO debris in The late 1940s.

Revisiting Roswell: Jesse Marcel, Jr. Returns to UFO Crash Site

Published on 17 Jul 2013
On the 66th anniversary of the Roswell UFO incident, we returned to the original crash site with a rare firsthand witness.

In 1947, Major Jesse Marcel brought home pieces of the infamous UFO that crashed outside of Roswell. His son, Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr., still remembers the strange material. We drove into the desert to hear his story, and returned to his childhood home to see the floor where his father showed him the wreckage.

Researcher Frank Kimbler shows debris he's found in the area, currently undergoing testing for proof of extraterrestrial origins.

Jesse Marcel, Jr., MD, regarding Roswell and More

Published on 18 May 2013
Jesse Marcel, Jr., MD, regarding Roswell at the Citizen Hearing for Disclosure at the National Press Club in Washington, DC

66th Anniversary of Roswell Flying Saucer Recovered? Incredible Insight Watch Now 2013

Third Phase Of Moon with John and Preston 2013 06 20

Published on 28 Jun 2013
[6/28/2013 11:12:55 PM] john ilias: Thirdphaseofmoon radio interviewed the last Roswell witness who actually held the debris in his hand! Host & Researcher On A Mission Dr. J Andy Ilias & Blake Cousins interviewed Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. & his daughter, Denise Marcel who is involved in the disclosure interview. So many amazing revelations were said & if you would like to hear the entire interview, click here Third Phase Of Moon with John and Preston 2013 06 20 - YouTube & catch the show live & call in & tell your UFO story or ask the guest or hosts a question & be featured here on thirdphaseofmoon! Thursdays 5-7 pm pacific standard time (GMT-7) 347-474-7228 ext 818 & if you have captured anything amazing, contact us via Skype or Facebook, thirdphaseofmoon.

Famed Roswell Witness and Disclosure Advocate Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr. Dies

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dr. Jesse Marcel died suddenly at his home today. It is believed that he was the victim of a heart attack. Dr. Marcel was the son of Col. Jesse Marcel, who was the first military officer on the scene of the Roswell UFO crash that took place in July of 1947. In a videotape made in 1979, Col. Marcel described the materials that he had found, and after his death Dr. Marcel began telling the story of the materials as his father had shown them to him when he was a boy in 1947. He recalled metal that would resume its shape if bent, and I beams that had hieroglyphics on them.

Dr. Marcel never varied from his story, offering a powerful response to the official lies and the general media's uncritical acceptance of them. He was also deeply committed to the cause of UFO disclosure, and gave freely of his time on its behalf.

He joined the US Navy in 1962 and was assigned to the USS Renville. He participated in the Cuban Missile Crisis as a member of the ship's company. He retired from the Navy in 1971, earning his wings as a National Guard flight surgeion in 1981. completed my specialty training in Otolaryngology at the Naval Hospital, San Diego, California. I then retired from the Navy in July of 1971 and entered private practice in Helena, Montana. I joined the Montana Army National Guard in 1973, went through helicopter flight training as a flight surgeon at Ft. Rucker, Alabama earning my wings in 1981. He was appointed State Surgeon of the State of Montana and retired from the military the second time in August of 1996 on his 60th birthday. At age 68, he was called back to active duty during the Iraqi war 68th. In recent years he had been serving as an otolaryngiologist at the Veterans Hospital in Ft. Harrison, Montana.

Dr. Marcel was 77 years old at the time of his death.

He was interviewed on Dreamland in 2007 and 2008, and the original recording of his father describing the debris was played on the program in 2011 by broadcaster and UFO expert Ralph Steiner. This programming can be accessed in our archive.
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