Texas is considered a hotbed of UFO activity.

The Mutual UFO Network has revealed that Texas saw a large number of intriguing UFO cases last year.

A review board of scientists, chemists and engineers set up by MUFON to help investigate the most significant UFO reports has identified multiple Texas sightings within its 2012 top list. The find reflects the prevalence of reports from the state in general and cements Texas as one of the most significant UFO hotspots in the United States.

In one case, two jailers at the Johnson County Correctional Facility in Cleburne observed a dark triangular object hovering above them as they talked in a parking lot. "You could plainly and clearly see this thing - a huge triangle with no lights, no sound," said one of the witnesses, Kerry Snell. "There was no interaction. I didn't feel frightened. I didn't feel scared. I was just soaking in all the information. I'm just sitting there looking up at it."

Other reports from last year include the sighting of a black pentagon-shaped object that hovered over a car on a highway near Milano and a case in which three witnesses saw a large triangular object near the Texas-Oklahoma border with white lights and a red glowing center.

"Texas is one of the top five states every month for UFOs," said MUFON spokesman Roger Marsh.
Reported UFO activity rose last year, with major sightings in Texas