October Surprise... Found this, thought it was apt with all going on!!!

Every year there is the threat of an "October surprise".

This year isn't any different. The rumors this year for an October surprise revolve around the current administration. We've heard people from the Obama camp say themselves that what Obama needs to survive right now, is another 9/11 or something close to it. It would present an opportunity for 'O' to step up and take charge in order for him to redeem himself. Top Clinton Official: Only A Terror Attack Can Save Obama ...

As witnessed in the news, The current administration are dropping like flies ... one by one. It seems like everyone under 'O' would like to bail before the ship sinks. IMO, we are going to see a shake up that will have to do with the global economy. IMO, we will start seeing more and more negative news about the economy. The news will make people fearful that there is going to be an economic collapse (not going to happen). It has been planned this way. Hegelian dialectic ... present a problem ... cause fear among the people ... the government steps in with a solution (any solution will be welcomed by the people). Links ~ China's Currency Dilemma and Hegelian Dialectic at work? Kohn to leave Fed in June; gives Obama opening ,Summers to Leave Obama's Economic Team ...
Since there are only roughly five weeks until the general election, it is my opinion that a false flag terror attack or possibly disclosure on major events that have been hidden from the public will surface. Aliens have deactivated British and US nuclear missiles, say US military pilots ....

Believing that Obama could pull something off like saving the economy, (imo, the dinar revaluation is the only thing that could accomplish that) seems far fetched at this point. But, miracles do happen. I'd give a few more days to see if, in fact, Iraq's currency will be revalued. If it hasn't moved by October 10th, then the current administration will not be able to stick a feather in their cap come November 2nd.

The revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar will have an impact on the US economy but that impact will take time to show chartable results on the nations economic indicator stats and will be of little to no use as a pre election marker of success.

So we have a failing democratic administration facing an up and coming landslide of defeat on election day November 2nd 2010.

As of right now even the strongest supporters that Obama had 2 years ago, are giving up hope of seeing any positive change within the economic situation in the US.

Obama is now touting his 3rd "Economic Stimulus" plan fresh on the heels of two other plans that have had zero effect on the economy of the United States and unemployment is now reaching depression era levels.

So what's a failing President to do?

Well...if we think back to pre 9-11 President Bush's popularity was near an all time low...by shortly after the attacks of 9-11 his ratings shot higher that any President before!

Add to this the off hand comments from people close to Obama who have said on the record that what Obama needs is a major terrorist attack in the US to rally the support of the nation.....that statement right there is horrible and I am so surprised that this was not made into a major issue by the press...but then again...we are talking about the US press the same press who turns a blind eye to all they are told to not touch or mention...so we are really talking about a state controlled media.

We may indeed soon witness a classic "False Flag" operation which will be nothing short of true "Hegelian dialectic" action in which an "end result" (solution) is reached and achieved by the creation of a "problem" so great that the public cries out for the "solution" to the "problem" and the "solution" to the "problem" put forward by those who in fact created the "problem" is nothing short of the intended and desired "result".

So are we at danger of seeing an "October Surprise"?

In my opinion.....YES!

What will the "event" be?

No clue.....but whatever it may be it will be orchestrated to exert the maximum amount of fear and anxiety available.

Also be advised...IF we are under a declared "State of Emergency" all elections can be canceled and remain canceled until the lifting of the "Emergency"....and that "lifting" of the Emergency Status....can only come from one man...and that one man is...the President of the United States.

Now THAT would be an October Surprise!

Bottom line...have a plan....be safe...and be ready for ANYTHING!

The best of luck to all.