I think this deserves to be closely looked at: Has anyone been following this, seriously? I mean, Pete Peterson and David Wilcock, among others have given us this time frame and told us there is booked TV air time on it.

As time goes on, for some reason...I just don't see disclosure of this magnitude happening in a couple days. Maybe even this year, now we are going to hear possibly the first half of 2010? I dont like shaky predictions, actually they're not predictions, they're more like insider information on scheduled events; if it's scheduled to happen or post-poned, I think the whistleblowers should know why and when. Also, what assures us that it will not be disinformation? Let's say hypothetically that on November 27th something significant is revealed regarding UFO's. What makes us think that the reality of what is going out there will be said by Obama and his camp? Government and Political bodies don't like to give away secrets. They will feed you with half truths to get a reaction out of the person who is watching (tell people what to believe and they will react). As to the actual disclosure itself, I hope it does happen regardless and even the PTB realize the only way to progress forward is unity in a positive light. Some talked about revealing an actual humanoid alien during the disclosure, which I feel is far-fetched.