December 3, 2009 by national

Apparently last month there was a hooha on a taxiing aircraft which belongs to AirTran Airways.

On November 17 the plane was waiting to take off from Atlanta and somebody was using their cell phone at a time when it was prohibited to do so.

Unconfirmed reports from the site: Homeland Security News suggest that there was more to this than met the eye. Can we believe unconfirmed reports?

Update: AirTran Flight 297: Man Who Wrote E-mail Not On Plane Say’s Airline Read Post

Last month, AirTran Airways Flight 297 with over 70 passengers on board was taxiing down the runway when a passenger reportedly refused to turn off his cell phone. After repeated attempts to have the passenger end the phone conversation, the captain returned to the gate, resulting in a 2 1/2 hour delay of the flight.

When the news story appeared online, comments included the text of an email from a man claiming to have been a passenger on the flight gave a very different account of what took place. We’ve attempted to contact individuals mentioned in the articles below, however none have responded to our requests, as of this writing.
A number of accounts describing what took place have appeared on various blogs and websites. We’ve included a few of them here. As I have stated, we’ve been unable as of yet to independently confirm details.

UPDATE 12/014/09 12:18am: Debbie Schlussel has updated her blog to confirm she received a call this evening from Tedd Petruna confirming he wrote the email featured in the comments section of the article below...

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