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Thread: Depression and Earth's weakening Magnetic Field

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    Depression and Earth's weakening Magnetic Field

    Depression and Earth's weakening Magnetic Field

    Earth’s declining magnetic field may be one of the factors leading to the alarming rise in cases of clinical depression and suicide. In 2008, Russian scientists found a correlation between Earth’s declining magnetic field and suicide. Oleg Shumilov of the Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems in Russia, told the New Scientist the Earth's magnetic field peaked in three cycles during the year; March to May, another in July with the last in October. Shumilov argues that many animals can sense the magnetic field, so why should this not be the case with humans? Shumilov's study of the fifty-year data showed the geomagnetism peaks also coincided with the number of suicides in the northern Russian city of Kirovsk over the same period.

    Though stressing such a correlation does not prove a causal link between the magnetic field and depression and suicide, he says there various other studies have found such a link. "Others have found similar things [to Shumilov's results] in independent sets of data," says Michael Rycroft, formerly head of the European Geosciences Society, quoted by the New Scientist. "It suggests something may be linking the two factors." Rycroft claims that around 10 to 15% of the population are affected by geomagnetic health problems. Other research which backs up Shumilov's theory include a 2006 Australian study of 51,845 males and 16,327 females which found suicides of females increased significantly during autumn increases in the peak of geomagnetic activity. "The intriguing correlation between geomagnetism and suicide justifies more research into its mechanism," said Rycroft.

    In Germany, doctors are using strong magnetic fields to treat Depression. In 'transcranial magnetic stimulation' (TMS) doctors place an electric coil on the patient's forehead. Head of the Bonn Psychiatric Clinic, Professor Wolfgang Maier, said, “Studies confirm that the effect of magnetic stimulation on the brain improves the patient's mood.” Earth’s magnetic field linked to depression and suicide

    Dementia, depression and mental disorders are on the rise worldwide. If it turns out Earth is entering a new phase of accelerated field declination, which I believe it is, and artificially induced electro-magnetic field disturbances continue on Earth; depression and rates of suicide on the planet could start spiking.

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