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Thread: Big Pharma Conspiracy: Baxter Vaccine Contaminated

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    Re: Big Pharma Conspiracy: Baxter Vaccine Contaminated

    If Doubter is really bugging you consider using the "Tachy Goes to Coventry" or "Global ignore list"

    go to your control panel and add them to your ignore list and you will not see anything he post or does on this site again.

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    Re: Big Pharma Conspiracy: Baxter Vaccine Contaminated

    The fact of the matter is that they got caught. Thanks greatly to Jane Burgermeister. Her website used to be theflucase.com but now it seems to be a big ad for TD. Too bad. What happened to her anyway?
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    Re: Big Pharma Conspiracy: Baxter Vaccine Contaminated

    Jane Burgermeister distances herself from theflucase website

    Jane Burgermeister was born in Switzerland of an Irish mother and an Austrian father. She is a dual Irish/Austrian national and lives in Vienna, Austria.

    Email: jmburgermeister@gmail.com

    With an MA Honors degree from Edinburgh University, Scotland, she has written for Nature, the British Medical Journal, The Scientist, Reuters Health, and The Guardian among other publications.

    She was European Correspondent for the website of Renewable Energy World, a position from which she was suddenly dismissed in July 2009 after filing a series of criminal charges against Baxter, WHO and others.

    She started up the birdflu666 blog to alert people about the fact that Baxter had contaminated 72 kilos of seasonal flu with the bird flu virus in an Austrian lab in February 2009, nearly sparking a global bird flu pandemic, according to the Times Of India.

    Shortly after that episode, the swine flu broke out in Mexico in April 2009, and she covered these developments on her birdflu blog, then switching to the www.theflucase.com website after Johan Niklasson offered to set one up.

    Full article below!!
    Jane Burgermeister distances herself from theflucase website « Case About Bird Flu
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