Swine Flu Hoax?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Who are the pigs in the swine flu? That is what I wanted to know.

Every time I see screaming headlines about the word "pandemic", I call Dr. Lorraine Day, the Head of Orthopedic Surgery at USF. As a tenacious investigator and someone who does not mince his words, can I be sure that Lorraine me the larger picture behind the headlines. I called her yesterday. Her first words, accompanied by a warm laughter, were: "It's just another hoax!"

This is according to Lorraine waarhet bottom line.

First, the government panic so that we require the best protection against this' deadly virus' in the form of vaccination. This would be a less popular compulsory vaccination are not necessary, the Elite looks like happening. Lorraine says that there are also really harmful vaccinations are being developed in laboratories that combine human and animal viruses, which are very harmful to our immune systems, when we let our administration.

Secondly she said that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) of their drug stock Tamilflu afmoesten, which was the last remaining of panic surrounding the 'bird flu'. I find it interesting that Tamiflu was originally developed as anti-bird flu, the CDC now says that it works against swine flu. It seems that a general plea against what is seen as a very specific flu variant. Hummm. Anyway, pharmaceutical companies such as CVC now stocks in preparation for the "pandemic".

By the way, you'll probably not surprised that former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld Doanld a major shareholder in Gilead Sciences, a California biotech company that owns the rights of the drug Tamiflu. A CNN report from 2005, when we were threatened with bird flu, local Rumsfeld's ability somewhere between 5 and 25 million dollars. This is the same gentleman that our toxic Aspartame has, which is known to cause severe neurological problems in humans. So that aside .....

Lorraine also claimed that 12, 60 or even 120 deaths as a result of a flu pandemic does not. More than 500,000 people die annually of influenza viruses. There are always active flu variants of the usual sources. Recently it was reported that two young people in the Sacramento area were infected with the swine flu, but do not worry, they recovered within 24 hours of flu. Nothing other than the flu that my friend and other friends in recent weeks in Sacramento had.

It Loraine Prince Charles that the "Developmental Sustainability (developing sustainability Vert.) Top of the agenda of the G-20 would have. Developmental Sustainability is Dr. Day the code word for depopulation. Perhaps you know that Charles' father, Prince Phillip, when he was asked in what form he wanted to return as a next life he would have replied: "If a virus. The idea was that it all useless members of society could kill. What a gentleman!

In short, Lorraine says that we need not worry. Just right for your body with a good, clean diet full of fresh vegetables and fruit, enough sunlight and fresh air. Do your spiritual exercises, relax, and leave you in no case be vaccinated! We are all exposed to flu viruses, but if you keep your immune system strong, you do not care to make, and the only pigs that we are dealing are those who try to keep us in fear.

Source: Consciousness Media Network
translated from English by Frank Hoogerbeets

Source: ditrianum.org