Pandemic': your right to your own body expires?
By Guido ⋅ July 9, 2009

We placed a YouTube of Desire Rover which they back the Mexican flu vaccinations and the paintings do. And above all to remain alert. Background on the essence of vaccinations and especially the pharmaceutical industry. Let us first turn, pull the mask 'Pharmaceutical' and keep your industry. Production and massive sale at mass production prices, the definition of industry, but there is a difference ..

The pharmaceutical industry does not sell against 'mass-production prices' .. They decide themselves what kind of prices they charge. By patent manipulations, by editing the links in the chain of research into prescribing doctor. YOU are the bobbin and you pay.

It is a bizarre time, because along with the locations of the background story of Desire, we find just one article of her hand, which she Jane Burger Meister cites in its quest for the truth-behind-the-scenes. The story speaks for itself, no longer need introduction. CAUTION!

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Has the world health organization (WHO) the power to 194 countries, including the Netherlands (YOU!) To commit to vaccinate ..?

Jane Burger Meister, she is here on WantToKnow much to find not only the WHO, the United Nations, Baxter and many others indicted by the FBI in the U.S. embassy in Vienna. This journalist is also a charge to prepare for presentation to the International Court of Justice in the Peace Palace in The Hague.

In addition, it placed on its website an alarming message:
"The WHO has in 194 countries the power to order forced vaccinations."

She explains this as follows:

"The International Health Regulations (IHR) in accordance with Article 21 of the Constitution of the WHO in June 2007 were in force, and give the Director-General of the WTO the right to an international emergency health to announce.

In that case, the Director-General rules, such as sanitary and quarantine measures and other procedures aimed at preventing the international spread of disease, as well as travel restrictions. And in the event that a pandemic afkondigt WHO, the WHO the authority to have the whole world forced vaccinations to be called. All 194 countries have signed the IHS must obey it. "

De-me-terrifying exact text of Article 21 of the WHO Constitution states:
Article 21

The Health Assembly has the authority to adopt regulations relating to:
Sanitation, and quarantine and other procedures aimed at preventing the international spread of diseases;
The nomenclature (naming) in respect of illness, death and health practices;
Standards to determine with regard to diagnostic procedures for international use;
Establish standards for the safety, purity and potency of biological, pharmaceutical and similar products immediately in international trade;
Ads, and labeling requirements of biological, pharmaceutical and similar products immediately in the international trade.
Article 22

The regulations under Article 21 for all members of force after timely notice of their acceptance by the Health Assembly, except for those members representing the Director-General shall send a notice of rejection or reservations within the period specified in the notice.

The International Health Regulations 2005 are legally binding regulations (which means that international law is) aimed at:
to countries in their cooperation in saving lives and livelihoods, which are threatened by the spread of diseases and other health risks, and
to avoid unnecessary obstacle to international trade and travel should be avoided.

In other words, in plain English:
The guardian of the henhouse, the fox!

And while the curiosity of us is always pressure to make the specter of the Codex Alimentarius - involving the removal of our food, medicine and life-compliant funds - the WHO control over you and me with three words in a blow to each other :
Phase 6 pandemic

And we need us, since our prime minister Balkenende put his signature under the treaty of Lisbon in 2007, not to wonder whether the above also applies for the Netherlands ... Do all these officials think we are sleeping?

But know that we are more than those who oppress us, we enslave, maim and kill syringes. That is a strong text, which you can use fancy words, which would be captured in a beautiful-sounding conclusion. But the essence is the same: we are prepared for an intense vaccination campaign. CAUTION!

Together and say NO NO do ... there is nobody to cope.

Think about the bees swarm and the hippopotamus and the individual drops in a tsunami. With Divine Love in your heart you are untouchable!

Love, Light & Laughter,