WHO memos (1972) talk about 3-phase vaccination killers!
By Guido ⋅ July 10, 2009 ⋅

The only thing still needed is a lawsuit against the pharma-cowboys and the public that this vaccination program to work ..! But that lawsuit is al. Although not yet equipped with the following information, but it is here WantToKnow whether you still need more information to convince yourself that there is a double (double loops?) Agenda of the people-who-it-all-Sun -good-with-you-mean-and-you-so-this-prick-like sales? Guys guys!

What we have here is really incredible. Through good detective of journalists and scientists are memos from the World Health Organization in 1972 found. It appears hard, that when the U.S. government approves it, that 3 rounds of vaccine against the swine flu "will be enough to provide effective killer to .. Note: To people off. People kill!


Even if your English is not as good perhaps as Saturday listening to the broadcast / recording of Dr. Rebecca Carley and Patrick Jordan. They discuss the 2 internal memo of the WHO in 1972, the world of Health, by Patrick Jordan discovered in the archives. It shows hard that the idea of the 3-phase vaccination of people deliberately created by the WHO.

As Saturday to hear this interview in the program "What's ailing America. This will also be the site of Republic Broadcasting to China, Saturday, July 11 in this channel HERE. This program is Saturday, July 10 broadcast of the evening 8:00 and 10:00. (Dutch time!)

Dr. Patricia Jordan, is an internationally recognized expert in the field of vaccine-induced diseases in animals and humans. They will participate in the discussion about what exactly the 3-phase vaccination idea implies. Such vaccination programs are produced by companies such as Baxter and shall be approved by President Obama.

Back to the memo from 1972. In WHO-Bulletin number 47 nr.2 clear from memos No. 1 and No. 2 is a technical description of the possibility of biological weapons in the form of vaccination. This 3-phase vaccination is to ensure that:
The immune system is undermined and it is off
Each cell in the body of the victim is infected with an infection
The immune system of the victim switches so that the victim kills himself in a Cytokine Storm. (Cytokine is a protein that plays an essential role in the exchange of information from a lichaamcel to another. It is part of the program receptors between cells)

So: One, two, three and DEATH.

2 The memos describe the impact of a 3-stage vaccine, many people will be forced to take this fall. And all for a virus to combat the WHO THEMSELVES has even made and released to humanity ..

We have Patrick Jordan, Dr. Patricia Jordan and Dr. Carley much gratitude for their work at this crucial evidence to get above water. The evidence shows the intentions of the WHO for the long term and to commit genocide is proof enough for a lawsuit to keep up. She reveals the best and most complete picture of the activities of the WHO and its associated laboratories (such as the CDC in the U.S.), for example, the most deadly bird flu viruses to patent ..

And send this particular virus to the subsidiary of Baxter in Austria, which then provided that no less than 72 pounds of this virus was sent to 16 laboratories in 4 countries. The result was almost a global pandemic ..

And as always, it is also a motive for this crime to be. A motif showing that the crime was intentional and planned.

This motif will have to come from these memos. For it is precisely what these memos prove:

A long term plan to deliberately murder people because of their immune system to undermine the use of the first vaccine, and then a live virus in their bodies injected with the 2nd vaccination, then vaccination with a 3rd one horrific cytokine storm in the body to trigger.