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Thread: Internationally acclaimed expert vaccine would depend on ALL vaccinations

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    Internationally acclaimed expert vaccine would depend on ALL vaccinations

    Internationally acclaimed expert vaccines would depend on ALL vaccinations

    The internationally acclaimed author and vaccine expert Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has written a book ( 'Saying NO to Vaccines ") in which they aanveegt floor with widespread vaccination practices. "There is enough evidence exists to decide to refuse vaccinations ... The unfounded fear of, for example, the measles and chickenpox is created by profit and by the media. "

    Dr. Tenpenny has written the book because its now millions of Americans vaccinations and give appropriate notice of the media have come to this mistrust. "There are always more questions about the safety and effectiveness of vaccinations. The reasons are clear: many defects in children such as autism, AD (H) D and sudden infant death syndrome are associated with vaccines. Thousands of soldiers who served in the army are seriously disabled and in some cases become even deceased ridden after receiving the required vaccinations. Vaccinations are the most controversial topic throughout the medical world. "
    "Today everybody is so afraid of viruses and the risk of getting ill. But the reality is that we are every day swimming in germs and viruses, but not woods at dead drop. The only viruses that we seem to be obsessed with are associated with vaccination. But only two generations ago, the measles, mumps and chickenpox in normal childhood illnesses. The reasons why we are so afraid of becoming are unfounded, and are caused by gain and by the media. "
    "If public health authorities, once focused on adequate sleep, exercise, clean water and safe, non-genetically engineered food, we would have a healthy society without vaccination. But then there would be no one billion dollar industry in which millions of people work for to keep us' healthy '. The fact is that we have a very unhealthy society with vaccines, so the argument of the authorities that we in the public interest vaccinations needed, does not make sense. "
    "A large part of my research in my first book" Fowl! " and my two DVD's I devoted to the dangers of vaccinations. Writing "Saying No To Vaccines' was therefore a logical follow-up. This being my 25 most-heard arguments for vaccinations are promoted. "

    "An example. Parents are often told that their child may be seriously ill if they are not vaccinated, or that their child may even die. I tell them how they can rebut that argument and give them evidence from medical literature to show that this argument is just scaremongering. Parents are often told that there is no evidence that the vaccination or immune system damage can lead to chronic diseases. I show them from the medical literature that exactly the opposite is true. "
    "I am fully convinced that vaccines are more harm than good so-called 'do. Therefore it is important that people from a scientific perspective, evidence shows that vaccines are harmful. All information in my book and each passage are references to high medical literature of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control in the U.S.). People can read, so that they can unilaterally how the messages of the vaccine industry, claiming that vaccines' safe 'and' protective 'are. In almost 100% of the people recognize that once the veil is removed and the rest of the story read, vaccinations do not do what the pharmaceutical industry claimed. "

    "Unfortunately, there are few who dare to say that the risks of vaccines outweigh the risks of the disease. One of the reasons why I wrote my book was the "Green our Vaccines (make our vaccines' green ')' movement. Many activists, people with good intentions, support this movement as' safer 'vaccines will. But that is a chemical impossibility. People should just say no to vaccinations. "
    The rigid determination of the people who oppose vaccines, and specifically against compulsory vaccinations, has recently been much media attention drawn. I have the feeling that the pro-vaccinators (inenters) have driven into a corner. Our arguments are therefore very difficult to deny. For example, the worldwide autism epidemic no longer be denied. "
    But the pro-vaccinators use manipulation, threats and fear tactics and trying to convince everyone that vaccines are not only safe, but an absolute necessity. I believe the vaccine industry so as a wounded Tyrannosaurus, which knarst with his teeth and his ugly head shaking back and forth. He will not die quickly and therefore will probably first get worse before the situation will improve. "
    'The only way to stop the vaccination is united to say NO. But people tend to be the sheep behind the rest to walk - especially Americans. Just look what that little shop in the White House and the 545 people in Congress have put our country. And even people who like to change but have little time and resources to do so. Nobody dares to be covered, no one dares to even the rest to rule and the established authorities to-day. "
    'But more people than ever involved in what happens. There is only one small group is clearly needed to get the difference can make. As Margaret Mead said years ago: "Never doubt that a small group had seams, committed citizens can change the world, it is the only way that this ever happened before."

    * Dr.Sherry Tenpenny is further extended to the ability of Americans to legally 'no' to say to vaccinations, but that is for us Europeans are not directly involved.

    Dr. Sherri Tenpenny has been fired from her practice and has even had her children stripped from her temperaily due to not wanting vaccines for her children and the bublishing of thi book.
    she has my respect and i admire her for her work....ricklbert
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