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Thread: Vaccines destroy the lives of children in China

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    Vaccines destroy the lives of children in China

    David Gutierrez
    Natural News
    Aug 19, 2010

    More than 70 children in the northern Chinese province of Shanxi have suffered severe side effects from defective vaccines in the past several years, the China Economic Times has reported.

    According to the state-run media, vaccines including those against hepatitis B and rabies were exposed to excessive heat through improper storage between 2006 and 2008. According to the World Health Organization, this can cause vaccines to denature and become dangerous, but the Times reports that the vaccines were not properly destroyed and were administered to children instead. More than 70 children suffered serious side effects, and four died.

    Wang Mingliang said that his baby son Xiao’er began to suffer from spasms and trouble breathing shortly after receiving a hepatitis B vaccine.

    “We spent more than seven months trying to get him well, from Western medicine to traditional Chinese medicine, and none of it worked,” Wang said. “None of the hospitals we went to managed to find a cause for his illness, and that’s when we started suspecting the vaccine.”

    The child died several months later.

    Another child, Qiang Qiang, developed epilepsy and a learning disability after a vaccine against Japanese encephalitis.

    “His teacher at school tells us he is dumb, that he has short memory and cannot follow classes,” his father Gao Changhong said. “We have spent nearly 60,000 yuan ($8,800) to try to cure him, and we really hope the government will take this situation seriously.”

    While the Chinese health ministry has acknowledged that the vaccines were improperly managed, it denies any connection between the vaccines and the four deaths.

    State-run media have also exposed a drug firm in Jiangsu province for using an unapproved additive that allowed the company’s rabies vaccine to pass inspection but made it less potent. In this case, the Food and Drug Administration has acknowledged the use of “inferior materials,” and said it had ordered the company to stop production.

    Sources for this story include: http://www.breitbart.com/article.ph….


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    Re: Vaccines destroy the lives of children in China

    Thanks for sharing.

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