Turkey virus is similar to influenza Mexican pandemic virus

Monday, August 24, 2009

Mexican flu virus that was discovered in two turkey farms in central Chile, are 100 percent similar to the A/H1N1- being distributed by man. This has the Chilean Institute of Public Health announced Saturday. "The preliminary analysis showed that the virus in turkeys was the same as the virus circulating this winter in Chile," says the institute comes under the Ministry of Health.

Chile is in the Americas one of the worst affected countries, with official 116 deaths and 12,175 cases of Mexican flu. On Friday, Chile's agriculture department this case of transfer of the man known turkeys. The service spoke of a world first.

The international organization of Epizootic (OIE) says confirmation of the analysis of viral strains in different international laboratories to wachten.De analysis of the complete genome will, according to the Chilean Institute of Public Health completed by end of next week. The company is marketing the turkeys, said in late July in a greenhouse in Valparaiso a decline in egg laying of 70 percent down, without mortality.

The Institute of Public Health reiterated Saturday that the consumption of turkey meat without risk to bevolking.Chilenen are big users of turkey meat (average 4.5 kg per person per year). The country carries half the European Union and the rest to other countries like Mexico, Canada and Japan.

Sources: HLN home