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Thread: Take the flu shot or get fired

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    Take the flu shot or get fired

    Take the flu shot or get fired

    September 3, 2009

    Translated from Dutch:

    About 25,000 employees of the Capital Region hospitals have a mandatory state "shield" take - "whether work is dismissed."

    Employees of the Capital Region hospitals have taken a flu shot this year or get fired from their jobs.
    The requirements are part of a new emergency regulation earlier this month by the State Hospital and the Planning Council was adopted and requires that all hospital employees get the flu - this is a requirement for employment.
    Hospitals are committed to assemble the new workplace policy to comply with the regulation and once introduced, employees who refuse threatened with disciplinary action and even termination of employment.
    The new policy applies to all workers, doormen and cafeteria workers to doctors and nurses. The policy affects approximately 25,000 people in the region.
    Abany The Medical Center is the major hospital in the region earlier this week and sent the notice to all employees saying that the flu shot should be taken on October 16.
    Spokesman Gregory McGarry said that the hospital "corrective action" against its employees can take if they do not comply, although he did not go into details about what type of penalties they face.
    The hospital, which will pay for the vaccine, insists that nearly all its 7,000 employees get the puncture, even those in off-site buildings such as the financial center in Delmar. McGarry said that these workers also time to spend in the hospital premises for meetings.
    "It applies to anyone who has contact with patients or providers," said McGarry. "There may be rare exceptions."
    St. Peter's Hospital in Albany is also developing a set of strict guidelines as they aim to have all their 4500 employees to be vaccinated before December 1.
    "There are very few exceptions," said spokesman Elmer Streeter. "We will require all our employees as a condition of employment."
    Employees will initially be suspended five days if they do not take the vaccine. Then, they have another five days to comply before a possible end to face.
    Health officials around the world are in "special urgency" ready for flu season, especially given the concerns about the H1N1 "swine flu" virus. The new state regulations do not treat the swine flu vaccine, only the seasonal flu vaccine.
    The association of nurses in the New York State, almost 37,000 nurses in the state representative, has opposed the mandatory policy, and still, said spokesman Mark Genovese.
    "We think it would be not required, but we urge them on course to protect themselves."
    The Northeast Health in Troy, the organization that the Albany Memorial Hospital and Samaritan Hospital in Troy possession, working hard for the new guidelines.
    "We are still in the process of our policy on this, to be completed," said spokeswoman Angela Yu. "We tried to clarify the rules of the Health Department to comply."

    Original Source: Albany NY News - Times Union - Serving Albany, Saratoga, Schenectady, Troy

    Sources: CNN suggereert verplichte Vaccinatie (video) | punt.nl: Je eigen gratis weblog, gratis fotoalbum, webmail, startpagina enz

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    Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Re: Take the flu shot or get fired

    There are a lot of issues dealing with the "forced" vaccinations. What catches my eye with almost all of them is the fact that the first most vocal opponents are usually nurses, doctors and health care workers. If the people administering this vaccine are refusing it why on earth would anyone want to take it? I certainly don't want anything to do with it.
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