Answer: to make sure that all citizens blindly obey an order from the State to be inoculated (and to get rid of the ones that don't).

Why? How do you implement a worldwide and centralized cashless microchip under the skin money system if people won't obey an order from the State to be inoculated?

So the pandemic is about economy, not health.

Their plan is for money to become electronic by mean of a microchip inoculated into the body. Right now, the only ways by which the State can get people to accept en masse an order of inoculation are the vaccination dogma and fear of death from a virus. So before the PTB can go any further with their microchip money plan, they first have to get rid of people who won't go along with that plan. What's better for that than demonizing these people as terrorists coughing in public without being vaccinated? Remember that public opinion has the mental age of an 8 year old. So it's completely irrelevant that vaccines are c rap. As long as you can scare an 8 year old, you can make him surrender to any stupid and dangerous idea.

This vaccination campaign is about demonizing free thinking individuals who won't get microchipped later, no matter how much they try to scare us. It's about getting rid of awaken people who will obviously refuse to be injected with toxic poison by a tyrannical state. So it's good for the PTB that everybody knows the vaccines are poison. Only the ones who refuse to think by themselves and can be scared like an 8 year old into doing stupid and dangerous things (like getting inoculated with poison by a government) will get the shot and prove themselves to be worthy of the microchipped money grid.

If you haven't seen it yet, watch "Reflections And Warnings: An Interview With Aaron Russo" to better understand what's at stake here:

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