Medical Region Head: Huge German government lies about flu vaccinations

Monday, November 23, 2009

Dr. Friedel Rohr, the chairman of the Health Net of the region and Framersheimer Alzey, the German Ministry of Health accused of 'massive lies "and of misleading the public about the risks of the vaccine against the flu and the Mexican added adjuvant containing squalene . "I and my patients on request and against the seasonal flu vaccination even recommend this, but please no vaccination against H1N1 (the Mexican flu)."

In an interview with the Allgemeine Zeitung says Rohr's argument that the pharmaceutical industry that the use of squalene is necessary because otherwise no adequate vaccines could be distributed, not true. "There are plenty in the world without adjuvant vaccines," said the doctor. "The Ministry of Health has misled the public. Members of the Bundestag (parliament) had to vaccines without adjuvant, whereas for ordinary people in the pharmaceutical industry, the risk amplifiers vaccine was ordered. "

According to Rohr has 30% of the people who have been vaccinated against the flu Mexican already had health problems. Rohr says a woman has 3 weeks under treatment have serious side received after vaccination with the H1N1 vaccine. "I do my patients not exposed to this risk (of vaccine)," Rohr said. "Especially when you consider that the Mexican people who get flu can be treated easily if they go straight to their GP."

Dr. Rohr sees his skepticism been confirmed. In Germany, the Netherlands, unlike in the now-advised pregnant women to be vaccinated. Also completely contrary to the opinion of the Dutch Health Council in Switzerland decided to vaccinate children under 5 and older the right to ban people.

A fellow physician, Dr. Ralf Schneider from Alzey, 150 patients have been vaccinated against the flu Mexican. "Only 2 men a few days could not go to work," said Schneider, who daily about 6 to 10 people who may be infected with the H1N1 virus, get in his practice. "I myself am also be vaccinated, then 2 days I had slight fever."
"So far the Mexican flu generally harmless," Schneider continues. "We also know that the vaccines with amplifiers (adjuvant) have more side as we have seen so far in vaccinations. We do not know what diseases are what the coming months heading our way. Therefore I put my patients on principle the usefulness and risks of the vaccine to them, and urge anyone to let themselves be vaccinated. That everyone should decide for themselves. " (1)

Success Anti-vaccination movement Austria
In Austria, the anti-vaccination movement has become much success. In the second week of the mass vaccination program is the number of people who had vaccinated, has fallen dramatically. In the region of Salzburg in the second week got only 2,100 people the vaccine, against 6,400 in the first week. And even that 6400 was only 1.3% of the total population of the Salzburg region.

In Vienna the number of people declined a vaccination even stronger: in the first week of 28,900 to 10,000 in the second week. It seems that the government and the mainstream media in Austria, despite all the propaganda against the need to make well-founded warnings from the anti-vaccination movement (2). It is therefore not surprising that the WHO (World Health Organization) to organize press conferences to let the world know that the dangers of the vaccine "artificial" exaggerated and only part of "conspiracy theories". Nevertheless, everyone can go to the website of the European Medical Authority (EMEA) surf read that vaccines are not proven effective and proven safe even as the authorities and media in all countries where mass vaccination programs are started, continued claims (3 ).

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