According to what we can see, more than 70 % of the population worldwide is REFUSING to take the vaccine. In some countries this percentage is up to 90%!
Now, recall what THEY had done to convince us to take the vaccine: unprecedented propaganda with fear, threatening, lies, manipulations through their enormous number of media, their control over the politicians and governments, their international institutions like WHO. Every day, in top-new, on front pages, constantly, they tried to assure us voluntarily to destroy our health and lifes.

And, They failed! O, God, how they failed!

They failed such a way that they will nevermore be the same, as strong as so far. This was only one battle, but it is the decision-making battle. The lost their main weapon: Information area. Disinformation. They lost there were they were strongest – psychological wars – the battlefield for our souls. But, not anymore.
Independent minds, people with unprecedented love and bravery used alternative media, internet, different ways of direct communication, they were smart, knowledgeable, they win fear, they acted inspiringly and they used truth and love as the only way in their campaign for Freedom. They succeed – most of the people are simply refusing to take the vaccine. Hahahaha..!

The beasts behind the plan to destroy the humanity once for all with the vaccines now know they are LOCATED by the greatest part of the humanity. They are now starting to feel fear, their favorite means of manipulation. They now know that the people around the world are suffering their hard lifes, but there is a new thought in their minds and hearts: “Aha, so it was true – they want to destroy us, me, my children…hmmmm!” A seed of suspicion was planted in their minds and hearts. It will grow and grow till the day when it blooms as a beautiful flower of Freedom. The process started, the mass awakening started. Nothing will be the same anymore.

And yes, faced with such an epic defeat, the beasts will now try to stop these independent ways of informing, they will also try to block the internet flow of real information. They already have plans for that. But they will not succeed. Even if they succeed, let us told them the next: If you block internet, know that, if necessary, we shall grown carrier pigeons and use them. And you will be defeated again. And, btw. Pigeons will sh.t exactly on your noses when flying over your sick heads!

My friends, it is all about Freedom. When we speak of Love, Truth, Beauty, Wisdom, Art, Compassion, Respect, Being – it is all about Freedom. For a tear for freedom is the bitterest pain that a human can experience. There is too much tears for freedom, too much pain, too much heads between hands in the corners of the dark room.

When I was younger, enthralled only with art, I meet a sentence by the great poet Friedrich Schiller: “Achieving political freedom is the greatest act of art”. It stroked me as thunder. Suddenly, everything was opened in front of my eyes. I saw the truth of this reality. I realized we are under tyranny. I felt the emotion of the bitterest tear in my corner of the room. But, it burnt such a fire in me that will not be stopped till I see freedom for this beautiful planet. It is in you all. What brings you here is that flame of Freedom inside your hearts. Sometimes it can not be seen, but it is inside, quite and constant. It is impossible to extinguish that flame. There is no vaccine against it, since there can not be vaccine against the biggest cure for our souls – The Freedom. The Freedom to be a dignified participant into the eternity of the Universe. For Universe is accessible only for free beings – those who deserved it.

You are all free to be free. It is your destiny. Show me your Freedom.