Galen Winsor says nuclear radiation is not what we are being told it is!

Galen Wilson debunks nuclear fairly tales. I was told to watch this. Instead I am publishing it. It is on YouTube, why not?
The video was made in 1985. Galen Winsor died in 2008.

Everything we have been told about nuclear proliferation is a lie. Yes, Iraq, Iran, all of it, all made up, all seen as an insult to real nuclear scientists. VT has long claimed this based on our own nuclear experts.

Why did Roosevelt ship fully enriched Uranium to Russia starting in 1944?

Everything he says makes everything we hear a total lie. This man claims you can make your children’s toys out of Plutonium.
I am told he is telling the truth.

If he is, and I suggest you listen to all of this, then we have a massive fraud on our hands. However, as this isn’t the first time and we have considerable corroboration for Winsor’s statements, this will turn the world upside down, or should.

It means many of us have been duped, have been wrong, Fukashima and more. It means every aspect of our game with Iran is also a scam.

If you don’t need centrifuges to make weapons grade Uranium, something we have verified, the entire IAEA is a pack of lunatics.

Now I know why I have a dangerous tritium scope on my M4 Carbine.

Watch all of this. Let’s fight this out. Let’s get to the truth.

China Syndrome is a con. There are no nuclear meltdowns.

This is what we are being told. Is there a reason we are being lied to? The case is made, convincingly.

We also know weather is manipulated, we have all the evidence. We know hydrocarbon energy is worthless.

If Galen is right, and the studies from Hiroshima and Nagasaki are proof, we have been subjected to decades of fraud.
Is ?Radiation? a Scam? | Veterans Today