2012 – ANCIENT PROPHECY OR MODERN PREDICTION, PART 1, with Various Presenters. What do ancient wisdom and modern science predict will happen in 2012? Will violent Earth changes, technological and political manipulation, and economic collapse overwhelm this planet or will scientific advancement, space travel, rediscovery of ancient ‘lost’ civilizations, and a new era of elevated spiritual consciousness be realized? Learn about our future from scientists, prophets, and students of esoteric traditions. Bettye Binder, moderator, has been a teacher and past-life regressionist for 27 years. She is the author of 6 books and co-author of 2 books. Dr. Nicholas Begich is Executive Director of the Lay Foundation of Technologies and author of Earthpulse. Richard C. Hoagland is the author of The Monuments of Mars, founder/principal investigator of the Enterprise Mission; former Science Advisor to CBS News/ Walter Cronkite; and currently Science Advisor to Coast to Coast AM radio. Sean David Morton is the publisher of Delphi Associates Newsletter and a teacher of spiritual remote viewing, with hundreds of correct future predictions. Dannion Brinkely, an international best-selling author, survived 2 death experiences that completely changed his life’s mission. Dana Dunn, Ph.D. is a Professional Intuitive, licensed Astrologer, teacher and lecturer for 24 years. She will discuss the message of the winter solstice and Venus rising in 2012.

Part 1:

Part 2: