Steve Rambam Privacy is Dead – Get over it! (Part 1)

Steve Rambam Privacy is Dead – Get over it! (Part 2)

This speech of privacy expert Steven Rambam gives deep insight into the possibilities of privacy invasion through tools that are freely available on the internet. He gives examples of myspace, facebook, blogs, etc. and also shows how companies like Google or even Domino’s Pizza are using data-mining to get a profile of their customers. One of my favorite quotes is, when he talks about the possibilities that mobile phones offer for data collection:
The iPhone uses both, GPS and Skyhook - you can’t hide – the only way to hide from this is to take out the battery – oh, wait a second … you can’t take the battery out of an iPhone!” [1:12:35]
This documentary is quite long – around 3 hours – but if you care just a little bit about your privacy, it is worth every minute!

Get Over It In 2006, privacy expert Steven Rambam’s two hour panel was disrupted by federal authorities who arrested him at the conference just prior to its commencement. In the end, he was completely vindicated and went on to finally give his talk several months later to a packed house at a local university. This year, Steven will be on for three hours, in part to make up for what you may have missed last time, but mostly because what he says about the state of privacy in our society will captivate you. Since 1980, Pallorium's investigators have successfully closed more than 9,500 cases, ranging from homicide investigations to missing persons cases to the investigation of various types of sophisticated financial and insurance frauds. Steven Rambam has coordinated investigations in more than fifty (50) countries, and in nearly every U.S. State and Canadian province. Steven specializes in international and multi-jurisdictional investigations, and within the past few years he has conducted investigations in Israel, South Africa, Holland, France, England, India, Mexico, Guatemala, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Germany, Abu Dhabi, China, Mongolia, the Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Jordan, Vietnam and Brazil, among other locations. For More Information Visit Steve Rambam Hope Computer Hackers Planet Earth