Life is now getting serious. We are now in the fast lane of life in the universe. And, we have no understanding who are our neighbors. Its not like we can go out our front door and walk over to the house next door and knock and meet and greet. Our universal neighbors are literally light years away.

This is where Marshall Vian Summers comes in. I'm sitting at my computer and attempting to describe what I have just experienced in the video messages below. The first video is MVS himself, speaking to introduce the "briefings" contained in the 17 total videos, the first of which I have posted below. The information in these videos is given by a representative of an off-world group of universal civilizations some of which, have experienced very similar hostile takeovers such as our earthly humanity is now experiencing.

This universal group rep describes the agenda(s) of what she terms, the visitors, in briefings that are extended to us in the form of information to help us to become grounded in knowledge. It is explained several times that our knowledge is our power against these visitors. It is explained that the visitors' intentions are for their own benefit by gaining our trust by way of the manipulation of our thoughts and emotions, and seeking the path of least resistance because of their small numbers. Their goal is clearly described in a number of variations.

This is definitely a make-it or break-it situation that we are facing.

Marshall Vian Summers
"The Reality of Life in the Universe"

Allies of Humanity 1

Allies Of Humanity