This is a MUST WATCH for all of you who want to know the real TRUTH behind the GFC (Gobal Financial Crisis).

You will Learn...

  • Who the Culprits are? Both Individuals & Co's!
  • Members of the PTB and Secret Govt.!
  • How they did it!
  • How they got away with it and continue to do so!
  • How they Gamble with US Taxpayers $Money like a Casino in a rigged game!
  • US Social Security Pensions are next on their Crooked Agenda!
  • Whisteblower Confessions!
  • What the Future holds for the US and World Economy!
  • Ventura corners some of the culprits Doesn't Hold Back and Blasts Hell out of them!

Please watch all 3 Parts and send the Link to everyone you know.

Conspiracy Theory - Jesse Ventura Wall Street