I just found the work of Walter Russell. David mentions him a few times in his books. There is an interesting video's here:

I found out info about Russell at this site about ether theory:

Interestingly, Nikola Tesla was familiar with this work, according to this article:
"Although the exact time and occasion of their meeting has not yet been determined, Nikola Tesla and Walter Russell did meet and discuss their respective cosmologies. Tesla recognized the wisdom and power of Russells' teaching and urged Russell to lock up his knowledge in a safe for 1,000 years until man was ready for it."

There are interesting connections between Tesla and Russell and Vedic Science / Swami Vivekananda and other scientists as well.

There is quite a lot on Russell at: [Due to our 2-link limit, please PM Lamare for this link or lamare can post in another thread]

His book "The Universal One" appears to be really interesting for those who like Davids work. From what I saw reading trough it, it appears to be the best manual to the Universe I have seen so far. Much easier to read than The Law of One and others like that.

[Moderator note: Mr. Russell appears on David's reading list-he finds his material useful in your spiritual journey]