Laura Magdalene and RA 51%

Somewhere near the beginning of Laura's interview she talks on DNA and how 95% of our DNA is junk. She points out that there is a correlation between the veil and our DNA. That the veil between worlds/dimensions is a 1 to 1 ratio to our DNA. As the veil lifts, more of our junk DNA will become useful unleashing powers that have been dormant. We will "Remember who we are".

It occurred to me that there may be a connection to the section of the Law of One where RA speaks on graduation and only have to be 51% positive. This never made much physical sense....until now.

With the neg elite pushing towards malnutrition and the destruction of our DNA more then everything else, it would be my theory that...

To graduate to 4th density, we may need to activate our DNA to 51% OR greater. This may be the physical manifestation of what RA is trying to tell us.

It also makes sense scientifically as A LOT of DNA is said to have been deactivated or turned off somehow and no one understands it.

And this makes sense. In the realm of the mystery school teachings there are meditations and levels of attainment that directly correlate to EXPANDING your DNA or Activating the DNA strains.

So Dave's speeches on how to eat healthy AND the Archetypes dealing with taking care of the body (temple) where the vibration of god lives (the number 9 in Rodin math and 432 tuning) , I think this theory makes a solid case for what the physical manifestation we should be striving for to reach 4th density.