PARTI 1 of 4 Interview of G. Edward Griffin on the meaning of individualism vs. collectivism in the United States.

Let's re-learn the true nature of a constitutional republic, our culture and our birthright.

Know that any member of the Council of Foreign Relations CFR is prone to supporting COLLECTIVISM not individualism.

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I went to his website and looked at the Code of Conduct by which one must adhere to It has very interesting things in it



The following Code of Conduct is incorporated into the Freedom Force Bylaws. All members are bound to its provisions in the furtherance of their mission.

1. The first order is: don’t wait for orders. Freedom Force is not pyramidal but holographic in structure. Therefore, instead of waiting for instructions from a monolithic directorate, become self-directed. Join with others when that is advantageous, but also don’t be afraid to duplicate and parallel their efforts. Experiment. Make mistakes. Find a better way. As long as your activities are consistent with The Creed of Freedom, and this Code of Conduct, the effort will be constructive. What may seem like chaos at first actually is the ferment of creativity and competition. It ultimately will far surpass the output of bureaucratic and dogmatic control from the top and it will allow the movement to spread rapidly into virtually any culture and any part of the world.

2. The principles in the Creed of Freedom are not subject to change. They will be the same a hundred or a thousand years from now. Therefore, disobey any directive from Freedom Force that, in your opinion, violates the Creed of Freedom.

3. Organizational policies are not in the same category as the Creed. They can be altered as required by experience. Do not hesitate to offer suggestions for their improvement. If leadership councils do not adopt your suggestions, respect their decision and refrain from creating factions. Membership is voluntary; but, while we are members, we are expected to abide by these policies. Victory is possible only through unity.

4. Don’t trust your leaders. That applies to Freedom Force as well as in politics. Don’t expect them to be saints. Most of them are corruptible under the right circumstances. Your job is to watch them like a hawk. Don’t let them violate the Creed or this Code of Conduct. Call attention to their errors, when necessary. If violations are serious, mobilize the power to remove them.

5. Wherever possible, become active in membership organizations that have the potential for affecting public policy. Work with others of like mind within those organizations to become influential. Use that influence to create support for the principles of freedom.

6. Participate in political action. Don’t just go to the polls now and then to vote for candidates selected by others. Become part of the process that chooses candidates in the first place. Hold loyalty to principle above loyalty to party, but remember, those who are not interested in politics will be forever ruled by those who are.

7. Whenever possible, seek employment in government, education, communications, and other institutions where you can exercise strong influence on behalf of freedom. Help others of like mind to obtain similar positions within your work force. Don’t fight city hall. Become city hall.

8. Leadership brings power but also responsibility. When holding positions of authority, adhere to the highest standards of honesty and integrity. Never betray those you lead.

9. Live by your principles without compromise. Let it be known where you stand. You cannot achieve victory by hiding. Popular approval is not your primary concern. You are a warrior. Accept the risks and the consequences. Stand tall in your convictions. Be an example for others.

10. Show tolerance, compassion, and good will toward all. Extend a welcome to members of all races, nationalities, religions, and cultures, provided only that they honor The Creed of Freedom. Expect diversity, knowing that, in spite of differences, our common mission binds us to a genuine global brotherhood.

11. Freedom Force embraces the highest principles shared by the great religions of the world but it is not intended to function as a church. It is open to those of all religious persuasions without requiring acceptance of any particular doctrine. While working with other members, refrain from criticizing or challenging their beliefs. Focus on those things that draw us together rather than those that divide.

12. Totalitarians prefer that we make no distinction between love of country and loyalty to leaders. They want us to believe that dissension is unpatriotic. In truth, opposition to corruption in government is the highest obligation of patriotism. If we are citizens of a collectivist government, we face the challenge of opposing national policies while at the same time demonstrating love of country. This becomes especially difficult at public ceremonies where we are expected to pledge allegiance or stand at attention during the national anthem. Not to do so would be misinterpreted as hostility toward our country and its heritage and would cause us to be isolated from the very people we hope to reach. Therefore, when attending patriotic ceremonies, we should participate freely, knowing that in our conscience we are respecting the feelings and good intentions of our fellow citizens and honoring our country, not our politicians. At Freedom Force meetings, patriotic ceremonies are neither required nor prohibited. That policy is established by the Board of Directors of each chapter depending on local custom and membership preference. If a meeting is held in a private home, the choice is made by the host. We should respect their decisions and move on to the greater business at hand, which is the building of a world in which patriotism and freedom are no longer in conflict.

13. It is tempting to use Freedom Force as a network for promoting professional services and products. However, there is no shorter path to dissention and corruption-of-purpose than to bring marketing programs and business opportunities into our work. Therefore, our meetings and channels of communication may not be used for that purpose no matter how beneficial they may seem. There are two exceptions to this rule. One is the promotion of educational and training materials from The Reality Zone that are essential to our mission. The other is a service provided by Freedom Force Inter- national that evaluates investments to enhance the Freedom Force endowment fund. Advertising on The Reality Zone web site and news channel is the appropriate method of presenting all other commercial messages to our members, because that is entirely separate from our organizational work. (For additional comment on this issue, click here.)

14. The name and logo of Freedom Force International may be used for the promotion and identification of chapter events, materials, and members. It may not be used on personal letterheads or business cards or for commercial purposes. We seek to bring about reform, not through direct interaction with the general population, but indirectly through influence within other organizations that shape public policy. Therefore, although we are proud of our name, it is not essential that it receive widespread recognition. Its best use is to authenticate our materials, identify our members, and provide symbolic reinforcement at membership functions. Any other use is not authorized.

15. We are proud of our membership and should let others know of our affiliation whenever appropriate. In doing so, however, we must not create the impression that we officially represent the organization. This is particularly true when signing letters or other documents. There is difference between saying “I am a member of Freedom Force” and signing a statement as “John Smith, member of Freedom Force.” The first instance would be a simple statement of fact, whereas the second could be perceived as carrying organizational authority. Therefore, signatures should not include a reference to membership.
16. The final rule is read the rules! At every meeting attended by twenty members or more, read aloud The Creed of Freedom and at least five items from this Code of Conduct. The principles contained in these statements are of no consequence if they are forgotten. Reading them aloud in this manner will always keep them in the center of our deliberations. This recitation is the autopilot that will keep us, and those who follow, on the right course - forever