Terrestrial Intelligence

Thursday, November 12, 2009

There is much research on extraterrestrial intelligence. This radio telescopes are used signals from space to catch it. In 1977 we began the first such signal that is unfortunately not repeated and therefore not be valid. On the Voyager spacecraft like Pioneer and plaque were sent with information about Earth and humanity as a note in a bottle on the sea. The research for extraterrestrial intelligence (mainly conducted by SETI) threatens to quit due to lack of funding.

For some it may be cold comfort, but our Earth home more intelligent life than we previously thought perhaps. The more research is being done to the cognitive abilities of animals, more agreements are found

between the intelligence of humans and nonhuman animals. Thus there is the mirror test, animals like the elephant, a dolphin and ape, are able to recognize themselves in a mirror, as opposed to a baby younger than 18 months. Now it seems that the pigeon is able in video (with 6 to 7 second delay) to recognize. The psychologist Ed Wasserman shows that the basis of our thinking, because it can recognize that two objects are similar or different, also present in baboons and pigeons. Then he showed that both pigeons and baboons the abstract relationships between 'same' and 'different' can explain. The relationship between A and A is the same as the link between B and B, while the link between A and B is equal to the relationship between C and D (two represent two different). They also saw that the link between A and A is different than the relationship between C and D. Both pigeons and baboons were able to make the right choice between two test sets of images which corresponded to a previously shown an example set.

Pigeons seem, when it comes to colors and contours, also the same perception as humans and even the quality of artwork and drawings assess learning. Google Translate

Pigeons seem however not metacognition
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(knowing how to learn) while dolphins and macaques to know something very similar to self-awareness and consciousness seem to possess even be aware of their state of mind.

This kind of investigation is a relatively unexplored area that could offer much news. It's only what we mean by intelligence: birds migrate and orient themselves while on the magnetic fields of Earth and bats that use sonar to their environment to 'see' may also like 'intelligent' are considered based on these properties. We see this as unlikely because the intelligent behavior is innate. If they could determine what intelligence, they would find us very stupid because we are not able to orient this way.

The NRC Google Translate
was an article with many videos about intelligent behavior of rooks (crow family), which are definitely worth viewing.

The intelligence of dolphins has long been recognized. We regard them as generally sympathetic animals, but they can also be quite aggressive 1, 2
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and killing young dolphins and porpoises. It is wonderful to see how elegant they could surely play some of a very high intelligence shows.

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