David Icke says: If you riot and protest with anger, resentment and hostility you are giving them exactly what they want. Let us give them exactly what they don't want, what they are terrified of - unleashed collective human energetic power.

Awakening the World - Every Heart Makes A Difference is asking you to 'protest' (run at them energetically) in vast, vast numbers all over the world by sitting down and focusing on your heart and joining with thousands of other hearts - tens of millions, hundreds of millions worldwide to send out love, peace and harmony into the energy field with which we constantly interact.

And then to DANCE together with love, joy and laughter. The energetic impact of this on yourself and the world is going to be fantastic. Let us dance with love, joy and laughter and give that energy of love and harmony even more power as we swirl and twist our electromagnetic fields to whip up the electromagnetic energy sea and make it dance with electrical power on the vibration of love and harmony.

Awakening the World - Every Heart Makes A Difference and the Non-Compli-dance.

Together in love and harmony we are unstoppable. The Rothschilds have already cancelled the laxative order.

Let's Go ... and please post your videos so we can let the world see the peaceful revolution that will set us free.