In this video Michael Tsarion makes a point about the difference between involuntary enslavement and voluntary enslavement, saying that the in-your-face stuff from the PTB is designed to coax people into voluntary enslavement. He quotes the example of Jefferson’s writing the word ‘subjects’ on the declaration of independence and replacing it with ‘citizens’, as if to say (the message is subliminal), ‘you think you’re citizens but you’re subjects’. No, you have written the word ‘citizens’ and shall be bound by that commitment.

The point that is being overlooked here is that such tactics of waving a bunch of fine print in your face and forcing you to sign may be the way these gangsters have always done business, but that is not, repeat not, the way the future of humanity is going to be decided. We note that the word ‘subjects’ has been erased and replaced with the word ‘citizens’ and simply conclude that, subliminal messages being contrary to the letter and spirit of the law, the erased word shall be deemed never to have been written and the word actually written and alone legible shall be binding upon all parties, especially those responsible for drafting the document. The fact of advertising the presence of the subliminal message in the controlled mainstream press in no way invalidates the wording of the deed.

Accordingly, while individual voluntary enslavement always remains an option for those that way inclined, there shall be no collective voluntary enslavement on the above-described fraudulent basis.