Steven Goddard
Real Science
Oct 25, 2010

It has now been more than 750 days since any hurricane has made landfall in the US. This is one of the longest periods on record. Assuming that none do the rest of the current season, the quiesced period will almost certainly continue for at least 1,000 days.

The only three year period without hurricanes in US history was around the time of the Civil War.

It has also been 18 years since a category 5 hurricane struck the US.

From Scientific American, 2007

Stronger Link Found between Hurricanes and Global Warming
A century’s worth of records suggests that hurricanes are on the rise and a warming Atlantic is to blame

“Even if we take the extreme of these error estimates, we are left with a significant trend since 1890 and a significant trend in major hurricanes starting anytime before 1920,” say atmospheric scientists Greg Holland of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo., and Peter Webster of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.