Major 7.4-magnitude quake hits near Japanese islands: USGS

Looks like Ben Fulford is onto something here...We will see over the next 6 days!

"Advance warning received about December 21st, 2010 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Japan, same sources warn of 6 days of earthquakes in Pacific ring of fire

Sources within both the CIA and MI6 called us December 21st warning of an imminent attack on Japan using an earthquake weapon. Just as they predicted, a series of earthquakes culminating with a 7.4 magnitude quake in Japan took place. They are saying a series of earthquakes is due to shake the Pacific ring of fire over the coming six days. The technology being used in this case is not HAARP but rather a technology George Bush Senior obtained by torturing Wilhelm Reich to death, the sources say.

The earthquake attacks are linked to the negotiations for a new financial system, the sources say. The move towards this system will be preceded by a major purge of the Western power elite, pentagon sources say.

The first step towards this took place with the arrest in Cambodia of R.C Dam and Soush Saouren, leaders of a fraudulent organization known as the OITC or Office of International Treasury Control.

These arrests are the first in what is expected to be a major series of high profile arrests linked to the illegal detainment and seizure in June of 2010 of two Japanese equipped with diplomatic passports and carrying $134.5 billion worth of bonds. The bonds were stolen by Italian Treasury police agents working for the P2 Freemasonic Lodge. Senior Italian officials subsequently tried to cash the bonds with the UN, the government of China and with the US Senate Finance Committee.

Pentagon sources have also said that in relation to this the Council on Foreign Relations will be soon disbanded. “The US does not need a secret government,” they said. This will become major corporate media news starting in January and going on through August."