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Thread: Could hurricane wreak havoc at Republican convention? Will it be Isaac?

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    Could hurricane wreak havoc at Republican convention? Will it be Isaac?

    Well, Well. what do you all think of this? I hadn't even thought of this scenario, but it does seem very convenient for TPTB maybe, because I'm so not into the politics this time around. I'm kind of tired of the political stuff, (I know shame on me) this year and it just seems to be a dog and pony show to me anyhow, but I even forget they're having a convention. Because when the MSM mention something political, it goes in one ear and out the other.


    by Jason Samenow

    GFS model simulations showing a tropical system over Florida August 27-28 during the beginning of the Republican National Convention (StormVistaWxModels.com) For three straight simulations, NOAA’s Global Forecast System (GFS) model has tracked a tropical system right over the Florida peninsula through or close to Tampa just as the Republican National Convention is ramping up. Assuming this system - presently a little swirl in the open Atlantic - strengthens some, it will be named Isaac.
    Before anyone gets alarmed or excited, consider forecasts of the path and intensity of tropical systems this far out have essentially no skill. As our tropical weather specialist Brian McNoldy said earlier: “In the 5-7 day period and beyond, weather details become fairly unpredictable.”

    So, what are your ideas about this new turn of the screw?
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