Thursday, August 26, 2010

Via Email…..”exportin g_terrorism”,_2_Feb_2010

To the untrained eye, this document will appear to be just another CIA vs Terrorism “good guy” internal memo, perpetrating the myth that “terrorists” originating from the US are merely functioning on behalf of a foreign country or entity.

This document contains a lot of code; not written in plain English. Red Team operatives know damn well how to properly interpret this doc.

If one applies that premise, and reads between the lines, it essentially calls for operatives, dupes and patsies to be created and managed outside of the US, so as not to create the image that the US is an “exporter of terror”.

Furthermore, it advocates the use of renditioning of American citizens by foreign powers…

“If foreign regimes believe the US position on rendition is too one-sided, favoring the
US, but not them, they could obstruct US efforts to detain terrorism suspects.”

That’s my take upon my initial read. I am looking forward to hear other people’s take on this.