Iran's president has dismissed as propaganda the leaking of US cables detailing Arab calls for Washington to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the release by the Wikileaks website of thousands of extracts from US diplomatic messages was simply psychological warfare against Iran.

He said the release would not affect Iran's relations with other countries.

The US said the release was "reckless" and put the lives of diplomats at risk.

The Obama administration has been scrambling to make sure similar leaks do not happen again.

Government agencies have been ordered to tighten their procedures for handling classified information, ensuring that employees only have access to such documents as they need to do their jobs.

The Pentagon said it was making its computer systems more secure to prevent future leaks.

And Attorney General Eric Holder said there was an "active and ongoing criminal investigation" into the release of the documents and anyone found responsible would be prosecuted.