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Dec 7, 2010

The website Wikileaks will continue publishing leaked US embassy cables but won’t release the encryption key for its 200,000 cable “insurance file” despite the arrest of its founder, Julian Assange.

Assange was arrested early Tuesday morning by British authorities under a Swedish arrest warrant. He is accused of vague sex-related charges, which include sex without a condom. Reports The Guardian:

The whistleblowers’ website has made arrangements to continue publishing the classified documents, the airing of which has embarrassed the US government. The leaked cables have provided a daily flow of revelations about the superpower’s involvement in the most sensitive issues around the world, including those affecting Iran, Afghanistan and China.

The decision to press on will help allay fears among Assange’s supporters that his arrest would hobble the organisation’s work.

Assange has also pre-recorded a video message, which WikiLeaks is due to release today. But the Guardian understands the organisation has no plans to release the insurance file of the remaining cables, which number more than 200,000. It has sent copies of the encrypted file to supporters around the world. These can be accessed only by using a 256-digit code.
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