Latest Program: Monday 14 February 2011

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NOTE: John Pilger openly states that part of the 'Wikileaks Insurance File' as told to him personally by Julian Assange contains damaging information on Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation!

Here are some of the questions the panel faced this week.

ADRIANA ABU ABARA asked: Following the newly established military rule in Egypt, how legitimate is the fear that the Muslim Brotherhood will be the most likely to lead the country?

RORY NOSWORTHY asked: How can America justifying supporting nations with no attempt to implement democracy, such as Mubarak’s Egypt, whilst invading Iraq on the grounds of a repressive regime?

DANE STERN asked: Do you think whoever wins Egypt's elections in September would be wise to maintain the peace treaty with Israel?

CAROLYN BARRY asked: The Australian Government was quick to label Julian Assange a criminal despite the fact that he has not been charged with any crime and despite the fact that the information he released has been embarrassing at worst. Shouldn't a government that is so fervently intent on bringing democracy to the middle east, practice what it preaches?

COLLEEN ENCHELMAIER asked: To Craig Emerson, Has the government considered that Julian Assange will become the David Hicks of the Gillard government if he is extradited to the USA or held in a Swedish jail?

REBECCA MORET asked: In the wake of charges of sexual assault being laid against Julian Assange, an incredible wave of misogynistic abuse was directed at Assange's alleged victims by some supporters of Wikileaks. My question to the panel is, do you believe that, Julian Assange should be afforded heroic status and considered above reproach at the expense of affording appropriate weight to the investigation of serious allegations?

FERRY LEE asked: While Tony Abbott’s “**** happens” comments could be construed in a number of different ways, what was the media’s role in making it the story that it is today? Was it a fair story and a real issue or was Tony Abbott under trial by media?