Regardless of whether you believe in Reverse Speech, you will find several significant Clear Reversals inside of the Youtube Video following...

"Wikileaks founder Julian Assange unconsciously released intelligence regarding the ET presence on Earth during a recent interview on CBS Television's 60 Minutes.

Secret messages encrypted backwards in the voice of Mr. Assange were detected by a Vancouver-based mobile audio lab monitoring his statements through a digital audio mirror filter"

The secret messages reflect data from a European Union Times report describing a secret US war against a UFO base in the South Pacific. Since last December's publication of Mr. Assange's remarks confirming the future release of Cablegate UFO information in Britain's Guardian newspaper, the search string 'Wikileaks UFO' is now tasked to military intelligence agencies including the US Navy Network Information Center or NNIC, based in Camp Pendleton, CA as online website visitor logs show.

If the EU Times article is correct, recent and highly provocative appearances of UFO's in sensitive airspace over Jerusalem, Victoria BC, New York and Dallas TX must be re-evaluated in terms of peaceful political public actions from ET's intent upon sharing the potential resources of the world with human beings.

This story is the subject of a new article in the Vancouver UFO Examiner and can also be heard on today's Secret Message Report -- Podcast Edition."