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Thread: TSA Leaks Sensitive Airport Screening Manual

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    TSA Leaks Sensitive Airport Screening Manual

    From Wired Magazine:
    Who needs anonymous sources when the government is perfectly capable of leaking its own secrets?

    Government workers preparing the release of a Transportation Security Administration manual that details airport screening procedures badly bungled their redaction of the .pdf file. Result: The full text of a document considered “sensitive security information” was inadvertently leaked.

    Anyone who’s interested can read about which passengers are more likely to be targeted for secondary screening, who is exempt from screening, TSA procedures for screening foreign dignitaries and CIA-escorted passengers, and extensive instructions for calibrating Siemens walk-through metal detectors.

    The 93-page document also includes sample images of DHS, CIA (see above) and congressional identification cards, with instructions on what to look for to verify an authentic pass.

    The manual, titled Screening Management Standard Operating Procedure, is dated May 28, 2008. It contains this warning: “NO PART OF THIS RECORD MAY BE DISCLOSED TO PERSONS WITHOUT A ‘NEED TO KNOW.’”

    Notwithstanding that disclaimer, the document appeared on FedBizOpps, a government clearinghouse that lists federal contracting opportunities for vendors. It has since been removed from the site, but not before someone grabbed it and submitted it to the whistleblower site Cryptome, where the formerly-redacted portions are highlighted in red boxes. The discovery was first made by a blogger at Wandering Aramean.

    TSA spokeswoman Sterling Payne told Threat Level that the document was an “outdated version” of its operating procedures, and that the administration “took swift action when this was discovered.” She said “a full review” is underway to discover why the redacted material was not properly protected...
    Read the whole piece here.

    Check out the leaked document here.

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    Unredacted TSA Manual Posted on WikiLeaks

    Kurt Nimmo
    December 8, 2009

    Click on the above image to download the PDF. Apparently the legal staff at the Transportation Security Administration are as clueless and inept as the guys who search you at the airport. The TSA released a manual for flight and other screening procedures and thought they had done a knock-up job on redacting certain sensitive areas.

    Problem is they attempted to do this with a PDF editor and blew it big time. Instead of printing the document and marking out the areas by hand, they merely placed black boxes over the text in the editor. Call it laziness or stupidity. Either way, the boxes were easily defeated because they are not part of the document. Even a sixth grader with rudimentary knowledge of Acrobat or other PDF editors knows this.

    Obviously, the factotums at the TSA need to read one of those Dummy books. It is another example of the kind of help the government hires. And these guys want to run health care?

    The areas outlined in red were formerly redacted (click on the image above to download the unredacted document). No telling how long this document will remain on the WikiLeak servers.

    At any rate, the document reveals a few things the feds don’t want us to know. For instance, Section 2A-2 (C) (1) (b) (iv) addresses which twelve passports will instantly get you moved to secondary screening. Other juicy details include the procedure for CIA-escorted passengers to be processed and the calibration process of airport metal detectors.

    All good stuff al-Qaeda would want to know – that is if they actually existed.


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