Look like a great time to take more freedoms away....maybe nobody will notice?


A short video on link...http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/poli...errorists.html
‘Emergency laws will be brought in next week to force phone and internet companies to hold records of customers' calls, texts and visits to websites.

The fast-track measures are necessary to defend national security against the terrorist threat from Iraq and Syria, David Cameron said.

The consequences of not acting are "grave", the Prime Minister said.'

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‘This is from Tom Watson MP. If he's right, it's vitally important that you read the following and act on it:

Last Thursday there was a curious announcement in the Chamber of the House of Commons. At the session to announce future business, Leader of the House, Andrew Lansley said this:

"Monday 14th July - consideration of a Bill, followed by a motion to approve the first report from the Committee on Standards on the respect policy"

If you look on Parliament's web site tonight, you will not see the name, nor the text of the Bill to be considered.'
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