Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

A national conservative political activist group is urging people not to watch the Super Bowl this year, and instead read a book about politics or history. Mark Dice, spokesman for The Resistance, calls football the “opiate of the masses” and says Americans’ obsession with sports is partially to blame for the decline of country.

“Most Americans know more about football than they do about the Constitution or their political leaders,” says Mark Dice, who last week posted a video on YouTube showing him gathering signatures on a petition to repeal the First Amendment to prove his point. “People yell and scream at the TV when their team messes up, but they aren’t even aware when politicians pass legislation that will cause higher taxes, deeper government dept, or violate the Constitution.”

“This Super Bowl Sunday we are urging people to leave their televisions turned off and do something productive like reading a book,” he says. Dice suggests that parents ask their children for their civics book or any text book about American history and begin reading it.

“Imagine how fast we could stop the corruption in Washington DC if every weekend, instead of 60,000 people traveling to a stadium to watch a football game, that many people would march outside the capitol,” explains Dice. “Unfortunately, professional sports are the opiate of the masses and keep people distracted from what’s actually important.”

In the last few years Mark Dice has organized multiple successful national boycotts, including against Starbucks coffee, pop music stars, and Scientology. Dice is the founder of The Resistance, a conservative political activist organization which has several thousand members. He lives in San Diego, California.