*Michael Landauer
Dallas Morning News
Saturday, February 13th, 2010

Perhaps you saw this comment posted on a few Monday blog posts:

Medina all the way!!! She will speak the truth about 9/11. Namely, that Bush knew and that it was step one to boosting his bank account and his buddies’ war machine economy. Neither Perry nor Hutchison will speak this truth. Only Medina. It is also time to legalize marijuana now. Release all the drug possessors from prison. Only Medina is willing to admit this plan is the only way to balance the budget. Shut down our borders. Let nobody in, nobody out. Do NOT let any foreign goods on our soil. Root out the trilateral commission from the highest ranks of government and send them all to prison.
Well, check out some of the other comments from this same IP address:

Dec. 19: Perry has done a great job for veterans. Probably the most pro-veteran governor we have had in the modern era. Perry also IS a veteran, having served for more than half a dozen years.
Dec. 4: Rick Perry is awesome. Texas is the best state in America! WOOT!
Nov. 22: KBH is a liberal RINO. Perry needs to point that out early and often.
Nov. 8: Rick Perry is doing a heck of a job standing up to the liberals and keeping Texas the most prosperous state in the nation.
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