Ethiopia illegally invades Somalia
May 19th, 2009 in Breaking News
Ethiopian forces back in Somalia, locals say -

The Ethiopians rolled into the town of Kalabeyr early Tuesday in 15 military vehicles, some equipped with heavy artillery, a town elder told the journalist. They established vehicle checkpoints throughout the town and positioned themselves in the surrounding mountains, according to the journalist, who spoke to CNN from a nearby town.

Both Somalia and Ethiopia have denied the reports.

“This is another fabricated story,” Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesman Wahade Bela said. “Our troops are still in our territory.”

A spokesman for Somalia’s new president, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, dismissed the report as propaganda from the Islamist militia, Al-Shabab.

Ethiopia invaded Somalia in 2006, with the support of Somalia’s weak transitional government, and ousted the Islamic Courts Union, which had taken control of the country months earlier. But Ethiopia’s presence was highly unpopular and aggravated extremist groups, who fought a bloody battle to oust the neighboring country’s forces.

Ethiopia pulled its troops out of Somalia earlier this year, making way for a new Somali transitional government led by one of the former Islamic Courts Union leaders.

Source: Ethiopia illegally invades Somalia | FREE PRESS INTERNATIONAL