North Korea: 200,000 people in prison camps

July 21, 2009

North Korea holds 200,000 political prisoners into prison camps, where they have to work 15 hours and usually on their fiftieth death from malnutrition and related diseases.

The concentration camps exist already, but The Washington Post reports that the horrific image is increasing thanks to new testimonies of escaped prisoners and former guards. Similarly, the estimate of 200,000 prisoner to come. It is also used satellite photographs show that many details.

The prisoner will usually only eat cereal and salt. The malnutrition lose their teeth and their gums black. They had only a few clothes - no socks or underwear - and most prisoners are therefore FRAYING. On the satellite photos can be seen that the camps are surrounded by guard towers and gates where power state.

"We have a system of slavery," says a former security guards to South Korea's escape. Human rights groups can do nothing. The United States will take up this subject. " But the prison camps are not a subject of discussion in the negotiations between North Korea and the United States.

The North Korean political muscles with nuclear tests and rakettelanceringen, the country managed the issue of human rights as a table. "We can not afford it to begin," says eenvoormalige American diplomat.
On the site of The Washington Post (see second link) with information on the five major camps.

Original Source: The Washington Post
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