BRISBANE, Australia – An Australian woman was rescued after spending a week wedged between her toilet and the bathroom door, an official said Tuesday.

The 67-year-old woman, suffering from dehydration, was taken to a hospital after firefighters in the eastern city of Ipswich ended her ordeal Sunday by removing the bathroom door from its hinges, Queensland state government spokesman Chantelle Rule said. The woman, who is diabetic, was not seriously ill, Rule said.

The woman, who has not been named, fell during the early hours of July 19 and somehow became trapped with her feet stuck on either side of the toilet bowl and her body wedged against the inward-opening door, Rule said.

Neighbor Michael Hibberd said he heard her cries for help as he hung his washing in his backyard Sunday morning. He could not open the door to her house and called police.

Hibberd said it was a reminder that people should look out for their neighbors.

"Just make a note of their movements and whatnot," he told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio. "If anything becomes a bit off — like, you haven't heard or seen them for a week or so — maybe just knock on the door and see if they're OK."