President Bush's last day in office faced with anti-war protesters, hurling shoes outside the gates of the White House to express their anger.

About 500 people marched to the White House on Monday and threw about 40 pairs of shoes at the gate.

Supporters said that they were acting in solidarity with Muntadhar al-Zeidi, the Iraqi reporter who threw his shoes at Bush during a news conference in Baghdad in December.

The event was sponsored by the Washington Peace Center, the local chapter of Iraq Veterans Against the War and other groups, AP reported.

Organizer Jamilla El-Shafei said the event allowed protesters to express their anger over Bush, who she said is 'leaving with no accountability for eviscerating our constitution'.

In the latest poll conducted by New York Times/CBS News poll last week, 73% of Americans disapproved of President George W. Bush's conduct.

Only 22% of the surveyed individuals approved of his 8-year performance in the White House.

The most unpopular president in US history, whose term ends on January 20, will leave behind a legacy of two costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and a financial crisis for his successor Barack Obama.

Press TV - A shoe farewell for Bush