River Jordan some spots only 30 centimeters deep

August 12, 2009

Jerusalem - The River Jordan is in some places in the southern basin is only 30 centimeters deep. Environmental experts fear that the river at the end of this summer will be completely dry.

That the Environment Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME) announced Tuesday.

A team of Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli experts argued in July research on five different sites between the Lake of Galilee and the Dead Sea. The research is part of a project of the international environmental group.

On the west side of the Mediterranean Sea rains from April to October almost not. FoEME previously calculated that each year an average of 1.3 billion cubic meters of fresh water flowing into the Dead Sea. Now that is shrunk to less than 100 million cubic meters per year. The decrease arose from Israel, Jordan and Syria water interception. The result is that there is little water the Dead Sea instroomt. The water level in the lower waters of the world fell with a meter per year.

South of the Lake of Galilee is a barrier that prevents water from the Jordan to the Dead Sea flows. The water that flows through the river is heavily polluted, because of raw sewage in the river discharge.

The project of the milieuroganisatie have found ways to get more water to the Jordan to flow. There is also a promotional campaign conducted by policy makers and the public. FoEME feel nothing for a canal between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea so the water in the Dead Sea to recover.

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