EU wants to record abnormal behavior in web and street monitors

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The European Union is investing millions in developing technology that would watch abnormal behavior on the Internet so that everyday life can be monitored. "Project Indect" develops various programs as an "agent" function for information from websites, forums, file servers, P2P networks and even individual computers to process and monitorthere findings. This is mainly to "the automatic detection of abnormal behavior and threats of violence." Project Indect receives more than a 10 million euro grant from the European Union. It involves scientists and police from ten different countries. Another sponsored project called "Adabts", which stands for Automatic Detection of Abnormal Behavior and Threats in busy environments, receives about 3 million euro grant from the EU.

"This is all fairly scary if you ask me. These projects are a huge threat to privacy and citizens must ask whether the EU should spend their money here," said Stephen Booth of Open Europe. "The EU lacks adequate controls and there is no evidence that anyone has ever wondered whether in the interest of the citizens." According to the website
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of Project Indect involves "Intelligent information that is observing, detecting and searching for the security of civilians in urban environments supports."

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