Belgian parliament suspended democracy and civil rights for flu pandemic

September 24, 2009

The Belgian parliament yesterday approved a bill to the government to give special emergency powers in the event of an influenza pandemic Mexican. Belgium is thus the first European country to officially decided to join the upcoming mass vaccination campaign and the democratic rights of citizens thus rendered ineffective in the hands of a "crisis committee", which ultimately only the WHO ( / UN) accountable. Previously decided two other EU members, Greece and France, in the event of an influenza pandemic requires the entire population to the vaccination campaign.

On June 6 increased the WHO (World Health Organization), which 194 countries are members, the threat of the Mexican (pig) influenza pandemic to level 6, which authorities were able to put "appropriate" emergency measures. Most people still do not realize that the WHO authoritarian powers to require all member countries to do so. The decisions in Belgium, France and Greece are also taken in response to the WHO guidelines on the flu pandemic, and will therefore also by other countries, including Netherlands-should be followed.
In the U.S., France and Belgium under these guidelines now officially decided to police and / or the army to deploy in the next flu pandemic and the associated mass compulsory vaccinations.

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Sources: Xander News